Contemporary Issues in Fluid Mechanics, engineering assignment help

Develop a 4 page overview of a contemporary issue in fluid mechanics. This may focus on a current research topic in fluids or a more applied topic but, it must be a contemporary issue. Several examples include: fluid mechanics in a microgravity environment, fluid mechanics in bio-engineering, fluid mechanics in indoor air pollution of toxic gases and small particulates, fluid mechanics in optimizing fossil fuel extraction (including shale-gas), fluid mechanics for alternative power generation, vector thrust, or fluid mechanics for solving water shortages. You may use any current research topic in fluid mechanics or a topic that industry is pursing in the area of fluids.

Standard 8.5” x 11” paper, single spaced, Times New Roman Font, 12 pt font size, and 1” margins. You must list and cite all references. You may use the citation method of your choice.

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