Controversy 8: Osteoporosis: Can Lifestyle Choices Reduce the Risk?

read the PDF form and answer these questions below. Write between 400-500 words.

1. You have a teenaged friend who is a vegan and she has just found out that her mother has osteoporosis. She is very worried about her bone health but will not eat any animal products. Give her any three suggestions that she could follow to ensure the future health of her bones.

2. Many people assume that calcium and vitamin D are the only two nutrients that are essential to bone health, so they focus on getting enough of these two nutrients. List any three other nutrients that are important for bone health and describe how they function in the body.

3. Your friend argues that being thin and keeping one’s weight down place less stress on the bones. She uses smoking as a way to reduce her appetite so that she doesn’t overeat. You have taken a nutrition class and are aware of the risk factors associated with osteoporosis. Discuss what you would tell her about the impact of her strategy on the health of her bones.

4. Give two reasons why drinking cola beverages can be harmful to the health of the bones.

5. Application: please share how you think you will be applying the concepts learned in this controversy in your life, and, in the life of people that are closer to you.

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