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Privacy rights are the fundamental rights that are protected under the constitution of The United States of America. Certain fundamental rights are protected under our constitution, therefore it they are given to some people but not to others, then it’s a violation of the constitution. Some instances of fundamental rights that are protected under our constitution includes the “right of privacy”. The right of privacy is defined in fourth and first amendment of our constitution. The fourth amendment prohibits unreasonable searches, seizures and requires any warrants to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause or a consent from the property owner. The first amendment is the right to be one’s own person (Williams, n.d.).

The largest invasion of privacy of this decade was done by National Security Agency (NSA). According to the multiple source and news channels, the National Security Agency surveillance program kept tabs on almost every phone call in the U.S. without any consent from the citizens. This is an example of violation of privacy right (Parvini, S 2014). I somewhat believe that it was done to protect the citizens of the United States from foreign enemies. Also, it is impossible to get consent from every citizen to allow government to tab their phone. I do not consider it as violation of privacy right though the violation had occurred but I think it certainly has helped government to keep us safe from our enemies.

Privacy right is the fundamental right of every citizens of the U.S. which is protected by the constitution of our nation. In certain conditions to protect from attacks or any type of cyber security attacks on government servers or on individual systems the government should implement new policies without public commentaries. It should notable by the citizens why it was done without the consent of citizens, then allow citizens to comment on the implementation of new policy.

The local government should not suspend implementation of the two-factor authentication policy. The policy was developed and implemented due to an increase in hacking attempts. Suspending the implementation of the policy would imply leaving the Service request system vulnerable to cyber threats. Given that 90 days is the appropriate period to assess public comments the policy, the attackers will have an opportune moment to determine security vulnerabilities of the system and exploit them to breach the system. As such, there is a high likelihood that during the period when the policy is suspended, the system will be breached. While the government has a responsibility to ensure accessibility of the system, it also has to secure the system from imminent security threats. In this case, maintaining implementation of the two-factor authentication implies that the government gives security of the system priority since it holds the responsibility of safeguarding users’ accounts and information.

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