CRJ462 ASU Critique Of Gang Leader For A Day By Sudhir Venkatesh


Book: Gang Leader For A Day By: SUDHIR VENKATESH

Textbook with course material: Confronting Gangs Crime and Community

This is a book report critique so the book “GANG LEADER FOR A DAY” will have to be read and compared to textbook “CONFRONTING GANGS CRIME AND COMMUNITY.”

Critique of Gang Leader for a Day – Students are to write a 5-page critique of the Venkatesh book, Gang Leader for a Day.This critique should provide a short overview of the book and then briefly identify and articulate any overarching themes present in the book. Such themes may include ethnicity, violence, political processes, mass imprisonment, police-community relations, turf battles, gang and community relationships, or any other themes identified by the student. The remainder of the critique will evaluate how consistent the book is with other course material. Additional information will be made available in the assignment within Canvas.

I am posting now to allow tutor time to read the book, however there may be additional questions required to be answered I am waiting on instructor to open assignment to view they will be available March 25/26th and I will be updating you with the addtln requirements.

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