Design Changes to Limit Creep Failure Possibility Discussion Board Question

It is possible to limit or prevent creep if you utilize materials that have higher melting points than what they will be exposed to. If you were to replace material made from steel or aluminum and replaced them with a tungsten or ceramic type material would provide the reduction in operating temperatures needed. If you were to increase the grain size of the material, and alloying would also aid the reduction of creep. Within an engine it is not practical to reduce operating temperatures however if you were to utilize higher temperature materials and forging components with larger grains it would reduce the creep as well.

  • Front cover with name and detail of work – Use the Discussion Board question you are answering as the report title.
  • Introduction (min 50 words)
  • Body (min 400 words)
  • Summary (min 50 words)
  • References
  • Appendices (calculations)
  • Times New Roman – 12 point font and double lined space, APA format

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