Diabetes disease

Semester Project:

  • A written paper describing the Diabetes disease. This paper should be no longer than 3 pages (unless necessary to completely cover your topic). The main objective is to thoroughly cover the topic. It should be typewritten, size 12 point font. The written paper should include a bibliography. This and all written assignments should be in APA format. Please be aware that this document will be run through Plagiarism software. Everything should be in your own words.
  • PowerPoint presentation. You have to create a PowerPoint slideshow for the class about your Diabetes disease. The presentation should stress how the Diabetes disease presents, how it is diagnosed, what system and organs are affected, how it is treated, and a discussion about how the disease relates to this course.You should have a reference slide at the end of the PowerPoint for all of the material on the presentation.
  • A one-page original handout about the Diabetes disease. The handout should be, along with the rest the assignment. A list of terms associated with the Diabetes disease should be included.
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