Discuss any health care policy or practice

Discuss any health care policy or practice that has been advanced

through lobbying efforts at the national level. Describe how this has changed health care delivery during the course of your career (30 years) vs. within the last decade (10 years). Utilize at least 2 sources to support your findings. ALL BACKGROUND INFO HAS BEEN GIVEN BELOW TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION. NO INFO IS MISSING. (7-2)

Background Information
MY DPI Project: Observable and Measurable increase in Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) rates in postpartum moms
Theory and Framework: Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative(BFHI) and Self-Efficacy Theory(SET)
Significance: Improving the understanding of EBF, and the use of BFHI breastfeeding model principles utilized for EBF with the advanced practitioner can improve exclusive breastfeeding outcomes.
Location: Rural health clinic, South Carolina
Career Length: 30 years as an RN and GI Lab Clinician

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