Discussion 1

Discussion 1

Leadership Theories

In chapters 1 (decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking), chapter 2 (classical views of leadership and management), and chapter 3 (twenty-first-century thinking about leadership and management), the author describes traits of successful leaders and then types of leadership theories.

Instructions: 1.Please select one (1) leadership theory, and describe why it is particularly suited for healthcare organizational and especially nursing. Be very specific. 2.Then, describe which aspects make it particularly suited for nursing today while it is in such turmoil and the issues have become so critical to the profession of nursing. 3.Also either based on reality or theoretically, why does this leadership model appear to have the most important explanation and description for a leader in such a role today? 4.Answer the questions as thoroughly and concisely as possible. a.Be sure to reference any works that you utilize in answering the questions (Be sure that references are in APA format). 5.Please respond to at least one (1) of your classmate’s posting. 6.View rubric for grading.

The rubric is as follows : 1) Has two postings-one answering the question (s) & one commenting classmate’s posting. 2) Directly and completely answered the question (s) 3) Clearly and accurately explained your response to your classmate (agree/disagree) 4) Comment exceeds the minimum of “I agree” or “Good work.”

The book we are using for this course is : Title: Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing Authors: Bessie L. Marquis & Carol J. Huston Edition: 9th ed. (2017) Publisher: Wolters Kluwer ISBN: 978-1496349798

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