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  • Review the data presented in the ANA Fast Facts and describe some of the key attributes/characteristics of this sample of the nursing workforce.

After reading the Nursing World link, some of the key attributes/characteristics of the sample nursing workforce are that the nurses set to enter the job force, are just enough to replace the nurses leaving the field, as the average age of todays nurse is 50. While nurses are retiring in every state, most of the areas with the growing need for nurses are in the west or Texas, which is also where nurses are paid relatively well. While San Fransisco nurses make great money, they also pay an arm and a leg to live.

  • Discuss some of the data that you found interesting; include what you believe the purpose (intent) of ANA sharing these results.

I found it interesting that Massachusetts has the second highest concentration of nurses in the United States (1 nurse for every 100 people). I also found it interesting that the average age of todays nurse is 50, while over half of nurses working are 53 or older! I certainly don’t hope to retire by then, however it is a good indication that once you become a nurse you may be happy enough to stay in this field for life.

  • The instruments and tools that we use to collect data need to be reliable and valid. Define these terms and explain the importance of each. Share one way that can be used to collect data that you were not aware of or familiar with.

According to the text, in order for data to be reliable it needs to be consistent. In order for it to be valid, it needs to be accurate. It’s important for data to be valid, as you want the information you’re providing to be correct. What’s the point of sharing the data if it’s not right? It’s important for data to be reliable, as if the information is retrieved from a test only performed once, there’s a chance that it was luck and the test may be wrong in the future. One way you can collect data that I was not familiar with is by researching transfer paperwork within a hospital regarding a hospital stay (Sarkles, Bowles & Skinner, et al, 2105).


https://www.nursingworld.org/globalassets/practiceandpolicy/workforce/fastfacts_nsgjobgrowth-salaries_updated8-25-15.pdf Links to an external site.

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