Drexel University Normal Changes of Aging and Chronic Conditions Questions

APA format, 6 pages excluding reference and title page, See rubric for further details.

Textbook needed :

Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice (5th ed.)

Boltz, M., Capezuti, E., Fulmer, T., Zwicker, D.


The case studies presented in this course are based on real patients. These individuals have agreed to share their stories to aid in the education of nursing students. Please respect their privacy and maintain confidentiality by adhering to HIPPA regulations. Please shred any printed case studies at the end of the course.

In this assignment the student will use writing to communicate with an interdisciplinary team such as during a case presentation during patient rounds.The purpose of this assignment is to identify the normal physical changes that occur in older adults and the impact of chronic disease on the aging person. The student will demonstrate understanding of the nursing process by interpreting the geriatric assessment tools and utilizing the evidence based protocols to develop an individualized plan of care.

  1. Read the case study on Anne Morrell.
  2. Utilize your textbook and review the following chapters as they may pertain to this case study: Chapter 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, and 22
  3. Analyze the case and create a plan of care including the following information.The paper should not exceed 6 pages, excluding reference pages.

a. As we age the body undergoes some normal changes that may impact functioning, such as the lens of the eye becomes less flexible so near vision decreases.Many older adults need to use reading glasses.Based on the information presented in the case study, choose 2 normal age related changes that this patient is experiencing and discuss how they would impact the quality of life.Be sure to support your thoughts with examples from the case and with evidence from the text book or literature.

b. Identify 2 current chronic medical problems for this patient and discuss how these conditions impact her quality of life of the patient. Be sure to support your thoughts with examples from the case and with evidence from the text book or literature.

c. Compare and contrast the normal changes of aging and chronic conditions of this case study patient to the older adult you interviewed(see SUMMATION OF OLDER AUDULT INTERVIEW) . How are their situations similar or different? Does their chronological age correlate with their physical limitations?

d. Choose a theory of aging that would be applicable to this case study. Provide your rationale for choosing the theory utilizing specific information from the case.

e. Identify 2 chronic problems (nursing diagnoses) that are impacting this patient’s quality of life.Examples of problems would be urinary incontinence, increased risk for falls, adverse drug events, etc.Develop a plan of care for Anne listing at least 3 interventions for each chronic problem identified. Elaborate on how the interventions will help this patient meet her goals.Be sure your plan of care is individualized to this patient. Support your thoughts with evidence from the textbook or the literature.The plan of care should be written in narrative form.Bullet points, lists or outline format is not acceptable.(10 point deduction)

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