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Effects of Night Shift on the Bodies (Health) of Critical Care Nurses.
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Effects of Night Shift on the Bodies (Health) of Critical Care Nurses.
Please see the attached paper which the I has completed (SHW), which has feedback from the my tutor. Please refer to the attached document to develop a thesis on the effects of Night Shift on the Bodies (Health) of Critical Care Nurses considering the comments from the tutor. I would like the below sections to be completed;
1. Introduction
2. Background (reasons of the search problem, and argument)
3. Aim of the study: The aim should be: synthesize past studies to identify the most suitable interventions (means research design tread of change and the ways of change things) beneficial to nurses and healthcare organizations
4. Methods
– Details of What method will be adopted?
– Search strategy: the writer should use the well-known data base ( CINAHL, PUBMED, MEDLINE, and COCHRANE).
– Primary Search Terms and Keywords (in table)
– Inclusion criteria, the client has a study limit, country published in English)
– Search outcome: PRISMA should be presented as per attached example (1 and 2) with number of articles found in each of the database: CINAHL, PUBMED, MEDLINE, and COCHRANE
5- Quality appraisal analysis of the studies: use the Critical Appraisal Skill Program (CASP) as a tool
– Description of the studies
– Table for description of the studies with (serial number, author, year, sitting and participation, study design, variable and tools, , findings, strength, weakness(separated from strength ,
– Summary of findings from the tables
the above section should be 4000 words and below section the rest
6- Result – please see example 1 and follow the same explanation of the result
– should be presented according to found articles themes
– Further explanation of the findings of the study
– explanation of each themes
NB: Please use the initial paper (SHW) and create a new piece based on:
1- Comments from the tutor
2- Example 1 and 2 attached
3- The above instruction

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