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To develop skills on solving engineering problems using C programming concepts. Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course work, the student will be able to solve problems using C programming language involving decision structures, loops, arrays, strings and functions.


Al Zuhair, a leading airline company in Oman, has its base in Muscat International Airport .They provide domestic and international flight services to various locations. They wish to develop a software to automate their day to day flight services. Develop an airline software system with the following requirements: 1. The company has decided to provide credit points to its passengers based on the number of times and mileage travelled by them every year as given in the below table: Number of times travelled Mileage travelled (KM) Bonus mileage (percentage) Type of Customer >5 2500 to 3000 5% Budget >6 and <8 3100 to 3500 10% Standard >9 and <12 3600 to 4100 15% Frequent flyer >13 and <15 4200 to 5000 20% Premier

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 2


Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to perform the following tasks:

(i) Read the Number of times and mileage travelled by a passenger, and calculate

the credit points using nested if else.

(ii) Determine the type of customer based on total mileage.

2. The company has decided to provide a free ticket to London to its premier customers who

had travelled more than 50,000 Kilo Meters to 15 different countries from Muscat during last

two years. Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to perform the following

tasks using loop concept:

(i) Read the country name, and distance travelled by a passenger named Mr. Salim

during his journey to each country.

(ii) Arrange the country names in alphabetical order.

(iii) Calculate total mileage travelled by Mr. Salim.

(iv) Check his eligibility to get the free ticket.

3. Mr. Nasser has booked six flight tickets to different locations for his family members and

their price details are shown in the below table

Ticket Number Base Price



Ticket 1 285.500 5%

Ticket 2 110.250 2%

Ticket 3 378.750 6%

Ticket 4 198.400 3%

Ticket 5 140.450 2%

Ticket 6 286.100 4%

Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to perform the following:

(i) Store the prices of the six tickets in a one dimensional array.

(ii) Display the base price of each ticket, the amount of tax, cost of each ticket

including tax and the total cost of six tickets.

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4. Write a C program to perform the following:

(i) Read two flight numbers and the routes they travel to a specific destination.

(ii) Compare the routes and find if the two flights travel via the same country to reach

the destination or not.

(iii) Count the number of characters in the name of destination city without using inbuilt

string function.

5. Develop an algorithm, flow chart and write a C program to find the number of customers

who have bonus mileage above 300 KM by writing a function. Call the function from main

and test it.

Marking scheme

Component Description Weightage (%)

1 Algorithm development & Flowchart 35

2 Implementation & Results 35

3 Report Structure 10

4 Viva 20

Total 100


1. Plagiarism is a serious offence. In case of any plagiarism detected, penalty will be imposed

leading to zero mark. Policy and guidelines for dealing with plagiarism and malpractice in

examination can be viewed by clicking:…

2. The course work shall be subject to plagiarism software check.

3. Course work should be submitted on time. College guidelines on late submission of

coursework can be viewed by clicking:…

4. Course work should be submitted with an appropriate cover page, which can be obtained

from the departmental assistant at the department.

5. Name, student identification and title of the course work to be written clearly and legibly

on the cover page.

6. The completed course work report is to be submitted to the departmental assistant on or

before the deadline and record your name, date of submission and signature in the book

with the departmental assistant.

7. For online submission of course work, pdf file with appropriate cover page mentioning

name of student, student number and title of the course work should be uploaded using

the submission link created and made available by the module leader.

8. Report should be neatly typed however algorithm and flowchart can be handwritten with

the following contents.

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 4


(i) Aim

(ii) Algorithm

(iii) Flowchart

(iv) Program

(v) Results(Screen shots)

(vi) Conclusion

(vii) References


Harvard Referencing (CCE Style) First Edition 2013 should be followed for both in-text and listing

references. This downloadable document can be found in our CCE portal at:…

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