Environmental Science, environmental science homework help

1. Differentiate between a renewable energy source, a nonrenewable energy source, and a clean energy source. Give an example of each.

2. Fully describe the method scientists use to determine the net energy available in a fossil fuel deposit.

3. What are the three fossil fuels upon which humans rely? From what types of organisms do each of the three fuels specifically come?

4. What are oil sands? Describe two problems associated with the extraction of oil sands.

5. What is methane hydrate? Describe the possible environmental impacts of extraction.

6. Why is the combustion of biomass considered to add no net gain in atmospheric carbon dioxide? When can biomass use as an energy source become nonrenewable?

7. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of growing corn for use in ethanol production.

8. Name and describe the three major approaches to using hydropower to generate electricity.

9. Differentiate between active solar energy collection and passive solar energy collection.

10. What alternative energy source would you want your state to invest most of its budget in? Explain.

Must be at least 100 words per answer. Must be cited from the text that I upload in APA format. Also must be referenced in APA format. All answer need to come from what I have uploaded.

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