Establishing Case Definitions

Click HEREView in a new window to download and read the scenario: Project Part 3 Establishing Case Definitions. Answer the questions below. Write your answers in complete sentences. You may need to use additional resources outside of your textbook to complete this part of your project. Please be sure to cite any sources you may use with APA and include a Reference page.

  1. Based on the information you discovered from your visit on day one (Unit 1) to the Eastern Adult Training Center (EATC), what is your initial case definition? Remember to include the clinical and laboratory aspects of the illness as well as limits on person, place and time. Your case definition should be described the illness or syndrome involved in the outbreak. Do not describe the outbreak, only the health condition you’’re investigating. Please review CDC’s explanation of case definitions found at this website: (Links to an external site.)
  2. An outbreak investigation should have a population (group of people) who are at-risk for becoming exposed or infected. Based what you’ve learned about the EATC, how would you describe its population (groups) at risk for infection? Your response should be all inclusive until you collect more information to narrow the population.
  3. Considering the population you defined, what is your recommendation to the outbreak investigative team, the local health officer and EATC whether to commit resources (money and people) to conduct an outbreak investigation? List the factors you used to make a decision.
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