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evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of teamwork in achieving effective organisational performance
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1. a work group you are currently or have recently been a member of through a part –time employment, volunteer work or membership in a social club or religious organization:
Over the summer I have applied for an internship at the investment banking division; working in asset management under the supervision of asset manager Ajeev and IBD head Rajat for a period of 6 weeks. Learning how the Muscat stock market (msm) works. However the team were particularly handling complex transactions of products in order to help clients to grow and also providing strategies for co-existing clients. I learned proven investment strategies backed up by sufficient research and also seeing how the investment experience by the asset management team managing clients accounts through the pull and bear phases. I gained much more experience by researching old portfolios and new e.g the Phoenix power plant.
2. a sports team you are or have recently been a member of.
During my leisure time I love going to the gym. I go 6 days a week for 1 hour period. I run and do free weights specifically over the summer 2015 period. Other sports include skiing , swimming and ping pong. I have competed in the summer of 2010 in a swimming gala wining the butterfly stroke race; taught me a hardship and deepening my friendship level to the sport .
3.An assignment group you were a member of during the first year of university :
We started off by forming a group of 5 people; tackling a coursework on the main problems facing Ringwoods Company such as the motivation among its employees and poor quality of management. ( I attached the course work )
It was difficult for at the very start of the task as we didn’t have a group leader plus we took time for granted. Our team chemistry only grew at the very last week before submission. We gained allot of knowledge in how to present a coursework specifically learning how to Harvard reference.

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