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Topic: Evidenced-Based Practice
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Actively Participate in the Department: Acute Care
Required to provide evidenced related to your choice of activity that demonstrates how you were able to integrate into the department,establish collaborative relationships,and or demonstrate leadership :
* Reflect on a significant incident with best practice/research; share your observation/reflections with a member of the health care team and or your preceptor and ask his/ her feedback. Additional information related to how you might reflect on a significant event is included at the end of this document.
* Identify a potential adverse event/patient safety situation and engage preceptor to assist you in identifying the prevention/resolution/solutions related to adverse event.
* Develop and implement a presentation for the staff on something you have observed,could suggest or could improve;
* Develop or collect and share resources for family teaching, and consult with recipients of those resources to evaluate the results
* Develop a case study with research for an evidenced-based practice; share your observations/reflections or recommendations with a member of the health care team and or your preceptor and gather feedback. Additional information on developing information on developing a case study is included at the end of this document.
If possible I want topic re : teaching the patient , giving them self of insulin & blood sugar testing. *Or have a floor of in -service re: Peritoneal dialysis, because even my preceptor, she did not know to do Peritoneal dialysis to the patient.
Writer : You can choose, which one is a good topic. Thank you very much.

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