Evolution (Biology), assignment help

After reading Chapters VI & VII in Science and Religion by John Hedley Brooke, in several succinct sentences, state the design argument in your own words. Then discuss the evidence for and against the design argument. Consider why the argument from design had such a powerful following, and how natural theology furthered the belief in Christianity, while at the same time contributing to a weakening in traditional Christian belief. In your discussion, choose a naturalist, such as Linneaus, Buffon, Cuvier, Lamarck, or Lyell, and discuss how his observations were used in support of the design argument or used to undermine it. Imagine what your opinion might have been at the time, and give your reasons. When responding to your classmates, comment on how these different naturalists’ observations might have influenced each other and the general public at the time. Discuss how their ideas overlapped or differed.

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