Fallacy defination and respone to a classmate, all only requrie one sentence or two

Access the Internet and other resources to locate an image (such as a cartoon) that illustrates a common fallacy. Go to this link to see an EXAMPLE (The Gambler’s Fallacy). Post the link to the image/cartoon you located (not the example one) and describe what fallacy the image is illustrating.

Review your classmates’ postings and respond to one person who has not yet received a response. Identify the type of fallacy and discuss why you have chosen to identify it as that type of fallacy.Explain why you think avoiding fallacies would be crucial to the progress of science and illustrate with an example from science and comment where appropriate (i.e., whether you agree with what others wrote regarding the stated fallacies, etc.).
Classmate posting I selected;

Mitchell Graham (graham86)


The second image down on this page is my target image. This fallacy might be a little easier to spot but I think it illustrates the definition very clearly and understandably.

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