Fitness Plan, health and medicine homework help

Please follow the instructions below carefully

Go to Complete the PAR-Q once you are cleared for exercise, go to Click on ‘categories’ under the testing menu. You will complete four categories of simple fitness tests.

Click on ‘cardiovascular endurance/aerobic tests.’ Scroll down and choose the One Mile Rockport Walk Test. This is your cardiovascular test. Be sure to WALK as fast as you can for this test, do NOT jog or run. To determine your VO2 rank for this test click on the ‘VO2 max norm values’ link on the bottom of the endurance test page (not the Rockport Walk Test page).

Next click on ‘speed and power (anaerobic power).’ Here you will measure muscular strength. Scroll all the way down the page. You will see the heading ‘Related Page.’ Click on ‘muscular strength tests.’ Choose the ‘abdominal strength test (7 stage).

Next click on ‘strength and strength endurance.’ Choose the “at home” push-up and sit-up tests.

Next click on ‘Flexibility.’ Choose the sit and reach test.

I choose these tests as they are simple to do (not easy) and all tests have score tables to determine your rank for each test. Note: If you are having trouble finding a fitness test, use the search tool in the web site.

State your current physical fitness information in each category (your scores and your rank). You must use the table below as a template for this information and include it in your paper.

Test Score Rank
Cardiovascular: Rockport Walk Test    
Muscular strength: Abdominal Strength Test    

Muscular endurance:


Sit up Tests



Flexibility: Sit and Reach    

Next, look at your cardiovascular score (your VO2 score). This is what we will be concentrating on now. How can you possibly improve this (if it was low) or how can you possibly maintain this (if it was very good)?

Your cardiovascular plan will include all four parts of the FITT mode: frequency (how often you should work out per week), intensity (your specific training heart zone), time (how long your work out session should be) and type (running, swimming, biking…). This is very exact, detailed information. Do not use opinion.  Report your target heart zone in beats per minute and percent of maximal heart rate (70 – 85%).

Bottomline: You are putting in your paper the completed data table and a cardiovascular FITT plan. You need only a few lines for each part of the FITT plan (based on your tested fitness level). This is not a lengthy paper. The thirty point value is to give you credit for doing the physical work as well as the write-up.

Example: Based on my cardiovascular rank of x my FITT plan is as follows:







This is individual. Allow time for the physical activities.

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