Food Journal –

Food Journal
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Please see the iProfile/Diet Analysis Project File for a guide.
There are 2 primary goals for the food journal assignment:
Learn to use the iProfile Diet Analysis Program on WileyPlus
Check for data entry errors before completing your major project
The iProfile program is a wonderful and powerful tool for analyzing your diet. Consider analyzing friends and family too by creating multiple profiles. However, students often make data entry errors that dramatically impact the analysis. So, I created this assignment to master iProfile before completing your major project.
The steps:
Via Canvas, enter the WileyPlus Program. Click on iProfile.
Look for the Profile tab, and create a new profile. The system needs information about your gender, age, and activity level so select the appropriate nutritional standard.
Carefully select activity level. If you select too high an activity level, the system will overestimate your calorie needs.
Look for the Food Journal tab, input the first food you ate yesterday, and search foods. Select portion size and add to a meal.
Note: this is where most of the errors begin. For example, searching for iced tea will include an option for powered tea. Students will input 2 cups of tea and the system will calculate the calories in 2 cups of tea powder.
Since you are over 21 years old, you can certainly input alcohol intake. Make the analysis a true reflection of your diet.
Continue adding foods to equal one day’s intake.
Next, click on food journal. Copy the food list in the food journal. Paste into the assignment into the Canvas assignment.
Note: I want the food list, not the nutrient analysis. You’re welcome to analyze your diet, but my goal is to review your food list to ensure you’re making reasonable choices.

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