Gasoline and Diesel Types of Fuel Gas Chromatograph Analysis Report

3 Types of fuel has been collected gasoline 91 RON, gasoline 95 RON, and Diesel. From 4 different location and applied to Gas Chromatography test

set 1:-

1-gasoline 95 RON samples

-MCT 95

-BID 95

-SOH 95

-BUR 95


2-gasoline 91 RON samples

-MCT 91

-BID 91

-SOH 91

-BUR 91

Set 3:-

2-Diesel samples

-MCT_ diesel

-BID_ diesel

-SOH _ diesel

-BUR _ diesel


1-Analyze the results Gas Chromatography test from the data attached?

2- find out octane number of each sample from the data attached and compare between each set of fuels ?

3- list all the component found on each sample that found in Gas Chromatography test data.?

4- decide what sample is the best on each set and Recommend improvement ways for the others?

Note:- Attached 4 samples and after touter bid on the question I will upload the remaining 8

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