GERO101 Age Related Physical Changes in Seniors Interviews Project

For this project, you will interview two older adults (65 or older) who are within 5 years of each other’s age (both the same gender). One of the participants would classify him/herself as “sick” while the other participant would classify him/herself as “well”. This paper will “compare and contrast” the two individuals as well as comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences to what is documented in the scholarly/professional research literature.

· Summarize your interview with each older adult 10 points (Sample interview questions:

1. Why do you consider yourself to be well/sick?

2. If sick, what is diagnosis? How is that handled?

3. What does your usual day consist of? (Basically, ask about activities of daily living)

1. What activities are easy/difficult?

2. Can you easily bathe and dress?

3. Do you have difficulty cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping?

4. What are your social activities?

5. Do you exercise? Do you have access to exercise?

6. Do you have a strong support system such as family, friends, church?

4. Do you take medications?

1. Do you have trouble obtaining medications?

5. Is your environment safe?

· Relate each of their stories to the physical aspects of aging that you have been learning about this semester. 10 points

· Discuss those changes in terms of lifestyle and personality vs. those that may be associated with disease processes. 20 points

· Finally, choose 2 similarities and 2 differences between your interviews and research (in the scholarly/professional literature, see page 3) these similarities and differences. Relate your interview findings to published research findings. 40 points

· 10 points for grammar and writing style

· 10 points for references and APA formatting


· This paper should be 15 pages in length.

· Papers must adhere to page limits set for the assignment. Papers will be marked down for being below the page minimum. Further, I will not read any text which is beyond the page maximum.

· You must use professional writing style with proper grammar and tense.

· APA formatting is required for this paper.

· Cite your references (peer-reviewed from the professional literature) in the body of your paper and in a references section at the end of your paper.

· See recommended reading on the first page of this syllabus for resources to help you with APA formatting and writing.

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