glaciers and coastlines

For this week’s discussion forum, hink about what you have learned about both glaciers and coastlines and how they affect the landscape. As most of you are Michigan or other midwest residents and/or natives, I’m sure you’ve seen some of these landforms before. Michigan in particular has beautiful coastlines and it’s geography has been shaped by multiple episodes of glaciation. I’d like you all tell me how what you have learned this week applies to the landscape of the state of Michigan.

If you have not ever been to Michigan, you can choose one of the following:

– If you live/have lived in another state or country that exemplifies both of this week’s topics, feel free to write about your location!

– Alternately, you may take a look at some images on the internet or a topographic map of Michigan (or WI, MN, IL, PA, Great Lakes Canada, etc.) to help you in your response. In fact, this may help you as well even if you are a Michigan resident!

Post Requirements and Due Date:

A MINIMUM of 10 substantive sentences per topic (10 for coastlines, 10 for glaciers) are required. You may use images and diagrams to help illustrate your points. Be sure to site all sources you consult, including the use of images and sites from the internet.

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