Go to the website watch the video and finish the lab report and lab question


PLEASE READ IT!!! Then answer only questions 1 and 4, but be sure to answers the questions. In Question 1 be sure to answers all three dimensions for both athletes – that means you should have 6 points!. Put a quote of what they said “…..” and then tell what type of attribution that is.

E.g. a. We won because I…………. Then tell what type of attribution/ In terms of stability her attribution was stable since she believed her ability contributed to the success.

b. In terms of Locus of Causality the attributions were primarily internal because she believed her effort …….

c. In terms of Locus of Control the attributions seemed to be in one’s control because she said “……..”

For Q 4 make sure to address how attributions influence self-esteem – no the other way around!

IT IS BETTER EXPLANATION THAN BOOK PLEASE READ. Attribution are the reasons you give for success and failure.

If I say – Why did you do good on test – You say – I studied hard – I am smart – It was easy – Those all all attributions and then you have to decide what type of attributions those are.

You may need some extra time to interview folks on this one. Start now.

This lab is on attributions in sport. You need to interview TWO people not all the ones listed in lab.


  • One athlete under ten and one 16 or over – try to do same sport
  • Two athletes same sport – similar age – but one at fairly high level and one at lower level
  • Your choice – two athletes that you can identify and find

It is important that you need to clearly identify – age – expertise level – and sport at the top of your assignment.

You should be able to attach your assignment as an ATTACHMENT right here.

MAKE SURE you do your answers in point form!

For this lab you need to interview a couple of athletes .You will need to track down family or friends to participate.

For this lab Attributions are the reason that you give for why you are successful or not.

For example – If I asked you – Why did you do poorly on the last exam?

You might say – I didn’t study hard enough – Now is that an internal or external attribution?

You might say – questions too hard – Now is that an internal or external attribution?

GIven your answer what influence does that have on your self -esteem.

Read through the materials carefully so you understand what attributions are.

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