HCMN413 Griggs International Academy HomeFit assessment Process Paper

This assignment requires you to complete a Home Assessment. You should review the AARP Home Fit Guide as well as the worksheets that they provide for the Home Fit Assessment process.

You should complete the Assessment using the detailed instructions in the Assignment and complete your writeup using the guidelines that appear in the Assignment instructions. 2 page written assessment (no fluff) of a home, APA format Cover page ,

* I will attach the detailed house pictures when this get assigned. No interview or making up a story, just assess the home if it fits a 50 year old person or older and suggest improvement to the house so it fit. For example, can an old person on a wheelchair move around the apartment independently? can he or she get to the shower by him/her self? all the little things matter. (gas, lights, switches, door handles, stairs, rugs tables, etc)

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