hcs/245 power point

Can you help with a 12 slide power point? 

Your team is a group of community health educators who have been tasked with developing a presentation to be given in a setting to educate an audience on Type 2 diabetes.

Identify your audience: Middle school (11-14 year old)

Create a resource: A Power Point Presentation

Consider the best method so it is crafted in an appropriate and understandable way for your identified audience.

Type II

  How society views diabetes (what society thinks it is versus what it actually is)

  Preventive measures

  Making the right decisions to live a healthy life

  Compliance with common beliefs

  Impact on health care resources

Prepare a presentation to the class that includes the developed resource and additional visuals (such as PowerPoint, audience role play, etc.). Time allocation for your presentation and topic selection will be determined in the previous weeks of class (dependent upon number of teams).

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