Health Education

my health behavior is to avoid unhealthy food and be healthy.

use powerpoint

Description: Your presentation should discuss the process and progress of how you were trying to change your chosen unfavorable health behavior.

Slide Content:

1-Introduction Slide: Your name will appear on the first slide of the presentation- Discuss who you are, what behavior you chose, why you chose that behavior, how did you start that behavior etc.

2-You should provide some history/background on the health behavior topic, what is it, how it can be prevented, some recent medical findings or issues, photos, and the relevance to medical care today, real life stories or examples.


You should have at least 5-7 content slides (not including the reference slide)

List appropriate resources/references on the last slide. Your book should be your primary resource.

( Essentials of Health Behavior – Social & Behavioral Theory in Public Health By Mark Edberg(Author) )

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