Health question need help quick

1. Which of these anatomical terms refers to the ankle?

  A)  crural

  B)  femoral

  C)  carpal

  D)  pedal

  E)  tarsal

2. Which of these anatomical terms refers to the shoulder?

  A)  acromial

  B)  brachial

  C)  cervical

  D)  clavicular

  E)  digital

3. The only plane that can divide the body into equal halves is the

  A)  frontal (coronal) plane.

  B)  oblique plane.

  C)  midsagittal plane.

  D)  transverse plane.

  E)  Serengeti plane.

4. A(n) __________ plane divides the body into superior and inferior portions.

  A)  frontal (coronal)

  B)  oblique

  C)  sagittal

  D)  transverse

5. A cut across the long axis of an organ made at other than a right angle is called a(n)

  A)  cross section.

  B)  transverse section.

  C)  oblique section.

  D)  longitudinal section.

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