Healthcare Administration -Proposal project​

In HCAD-515 you have developed a business proposal in which you have identified a healthcare-related problem or opportunity facing your organization.

Now in HCAD 590 Healthcare Administration Capstone Project, you will continue to expand on the identification of the Issue and incorporate solutions through research gathered from six of the courses in your Masters of Business in Healthcare Studies and outside research.Based upon this research you will identify a second potential solution.Both solutions will then be evaluated and a preferred solution determined and supported.You will conclude your project with lessons learned in a separate assignment – 6.2 Report (Capstone Project) and Personal Growth and Development.

Here you go. From the details below, you can fully the work.

Okay so, you need to add up more information to these.

Executive summary————2 pages (even 1 ½ page will do)

Problem Summary————- 3 pages (even 2 ½ page will do)

Literature Review————— 6 pages (we need about 15 sources within the literature review potion, the instruction says that)

Reference———————— (25 but you have only 14 for now)

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