healthcare management

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    SWOT Analysis
    Assignment Purpose: A SWOT analysis is a way to determine where one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie. It is a way for an individual, or organization to determine where they stand in relation to other individuals or competitors in the field.
    Assignment Description:After reading the SWOT article under Student Resources – Unit 3, conduct a SWOT analysis on your current position (regardless of if it’s in healthcare) or your job prospects (if currently unemployed) – what areas are you strong in, weak in, what opportunities do you have and what threats do you see. Summarize your findings from the SWOT in a 400 word paper.
    Evaluation Criteria:

    Grading Criteria Points Points Total
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats identified 25
    Proper format, length, spelling, and grammar 5
    Include references in APA format, minimum of 2 sources 5
    Uploaded assignment on time in Word document 5
    Total 40

    (Unit 3) OPTIONAL EXERCISE Create or Update: ePortfolio documents on LinkedInEstimated time to complete: 5 MinutesInstructions:In a previous course you may have had an opportunity to create a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profiles are a great way to showcase the skills you have learned to potential employers. If you have not yet had an opportunity to create a profile, you can do so anytime by following the instructions in the “LinkedIn Assignment Guide” document included in this assignment.

    • Once you have your profile established, you can make it even stronger by adding examples of your work to the documents section to create an ePortfolio. If this is your first time adding documents to your profile, you can refer to the “Adding Documents to LinkedIn” guide that is included in this assignment.
    • This assignment is a great way for you to demonstrate that you have a foundational knowledge of SQL, which is an important skill that is applicable to a variety of software development projects.
    • We want you to show your best work, so if you did not earn an “A” on this assignment, you should consider re-doing the parts that you did not score well on before uploading your final assignment. You can also ask your instructor how you can strengthen it.
    • Before uploading your assignment document, consider adding a paragraph at the beginning that states in your own words what you learned in this course, and any personal messages you may have about what you may have enjoyed about it or found most interesting. Adding examples of the SQL code you wrote to your assignment document would make this an even better example.
    • If your assignment document does not have a descriptive name, rename it to one that describes the skill(s) you are demonstrating with it. Once satisfied, you can upload to your profile so that you show off some of the skills you have learned at Herzing University!
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