Healthcare Policy and Law

Question 1. Discuss how a 500 bed teaching hospital might be affected by Two of the Ten Essential Health Services as outlined on pages 75-76 of our text.

Question 2. As a CEO of a small community hospital, discuss how you would handle a large mass casualty event in your community. How would you ensure that quality of care would be maintained for all patients in your hospital that are not connected to the mass casualty event?

Question 3. Analyze the measures your state and local community have in place to prepare hospitals for two (2) different types of threats to public health. Question whether the design of these measures allows for the sufficient protection of the population in the face of an imminent threat. Justify your response

Question 4. Discuss the role of the US federal government and its agencies and departments in contrast to that of local and state public health agencies in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies.

Question 5. Discuss how you think the USA health care system will look in the year 2030 in terms of technology, health outcomes, health insurance and other aspects that you have learned in this course.

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