How can the use of chemical control agents, biology homework help

After you have read chapter 7, use your book to thoughtfully and completely answer these questions. Please do NOT go to the internet and copy an answer from Wikipedia!! You do not need to answer these questions in “essay” format.

  1. How can the use of chemical control agents (antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides) lead to their decreased effectiveness?
  2. What is the fundamental difference between the processes of microevolution and macroevolution? (You can state the definitions, but be sure to explain what is different about them.)
  3. Class Reptilia includes all the reptiles while Class Aves includes all birds. However, a cladistics approach would place birds into the same class with the reptiles. Why would a cladistician do this despite the behavioral and physical differences between birds and reptiles?

Again, please use your textbook to answer these three questions. You should be able to take what you learn from chapter 7 and come up with a well thought out answer. Please do not copy a blurb from wikipedia or some other internet site! Make sure your answer is in your own words. Copied work will not receive credit!

There is not an official length requirement for each question, but I expect the topics to be covered thoughtfully and thoroughly (translation: a couple of words isn’t going to do it). Be sure you use complete sentences, proper spelling and grammar.

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