How does Agria Corporation achieve its internationalisation objectives? –

How does Agria Corporation achieve its internationalisation objectives?
Overview – need to introduce your MNC to the reader.
THE COMPANY: is Agria Corporation, here is the website:
Key Question in this Essay:
How does international business achieve its internationalisation objectives?
1.Country analysis (the one have already done) – some cultural aspects and political economy. please make some changes as:
There is some changes for country analysis, please help me to change:
• The first and second paragraph is very good, and is well explained just need to put in some figures, the third paragraph need more figures.
• For the following paragraphs, teacher said is too general, and he ask to breakdown the second paragraph, like each sentence can be a topic sentence for one paragraph, and explain more specific each paragraph. So which means cancel the 4,5,6 paragraph and breakdown second para, more specific each.
(I give you the picture of the marked country analysis, and also the original document)
2. Description and analysis of the internationalization process – internationalization theories, mode of entry, cultural and political economic difficulties here. How did they enter the country? Did they change their structures to fit in with the country’s political and cultural framework? Did they have any problems? Did they solve these problems? Look into corporate social responsibility.
? Adaptation – How well do you use the internationalization to explain the international process of your MNC?
? Structure – Does your paragraphs or give a point, explanation and example of your MNC’s internationalization process.
? Specifics – is your point backed up by a specific example or statistic about your firm’s internationalisation process? Is it referenced?
3. Reflection – What have you learnt that you have never known before after you have done the research for the essay? Can you use it in the future?
? The essay has to use and include some of the information in the WIKI and PHOTOSTORY you have already done. Can have some new point but must explain very clear.
(WIKI I have the document, and photostory is a video I can’t send but is all the same as WIKI)
? And PLEASE follow the rubric and this Breakdown of the essay.doc to write!!
1) Overview of organization & its MNC status and international objectives in regards to vital company statistics, industrial products and countries in which it operates in.
2) Analysis of the internationalisation process using internationalisation theories in academic sources and in class.
3) Evaluation:
You were required to evaluate the actions of the organization.
4) Quality of information
5) Incorporation of international business theories
6) Reflections (Lessons Learnt)

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