how to write a memo…

Develop a Memo addressed to the Incident Commander with regard to the predisposing factors affecting the HC services delivery situation at that time. This submission does not require the citations or references.

MY job role: communication and ethics officer

*List minimum 2 issues that contributed to the situation from the perspective of your job role. For example, if your role is the administrative chief (supply chain management) one of the issues might be the absence of the sharp disposal containers due to flood in the warehouse where they are stored off-site. *Recommend a realistic solution to this problem. For example, recommend using thick plastic water containers labeled with permanent markers as a temporary solution. Recommend the restricted storage zone for the collection of full containers.

*List the workforce and stakeholders necessary to achieve the results. For example, the food supplier/manager needs to be contacted about the empty water containers. The custodial chief (possible National Guard equivalent) needs to be contacted about the storage locations and restrictions enforcement.

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