Human overpopulation and the environmental impact. –

Human overpopulation and the environmental impact.
Topic: Human overpopulation and environmental impact covering (habitat loss/species extinction/ food/water demand)
The Research Paper will include all standard sections (Title Page, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations, and Literature Cited).
Be sure to be ACADEMIC and formal in your writing, and use environmental terminology.
The paper should be double-spaced, and APA Format.
Paper should go beyond reporting and detailing the issue and provide analysis and synthesis of thoughts and ideas.
Key components of the research paper include:
• A thesis statement – the main idea that will guide the reader through the rest of your document,
• Detailed support for the thesis statement with evidence and analysis,
• A strong conclusion that synthesizes what you have learned,
• A final product that is well-written, organized and formatted using APA style.
In a research paper of this length, you may choose to use section headings to organize your thoughts.

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