I have attached the paper that the teacher sent me. Choose one of 3 questions

““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`The final paper is expected to be minimally 10 pages (double spaced 12 font 1 inch margins) up to 20 pages not counting references. The norm is at least 1 reference (peer reviewed) per page. Depth and thoroughness of analysis (critical thinking), clarity of argument and writing are equally important.

A: If you choose to write on genetic medicine pick one of the following. If you choose 1-4 then be sure to situate your analysis within an ethical framework.

  1. Genetic information and technology have opened a new vista for testing and screening. Prepare a seminar for prospective parents on what is the benefits and risks of having genetic testing or screening done, for whom, and when.
  2. For breast cancer diagnosis and treatment it has become standard of care to get a gene expression profile of the tumor. Explain the way the tumor is analyzed genetically and what the advantage and disadvantages are.
  3. Whole genome sequencing is more affordable and available through commercial sources. What are the ethical considerations in ordering a WGS?
  4. Detecting genetic mutations that cause disease or disability drives the desire for testing and screening and has ignited a lot of excitement about the possibilities of gene therapy. Compare and contrast genetic therapy at somatic vs germline stage.

B. Ethical analysis of research conduct is aimed at reducing or preventing misconduct. How and to what extent can ethical behavior be taught to graduate students in science? (The short question is: Can Ethics be Taught?)

C. Ethical conduct in clinical research is described in the common rule, following the principles of the Belmont Report (autonomy, beneficence, and justice). When clinical trials are simultaneously conducted in foreign countries, the CIOMS and Helsinki Accord apply although US researchers must also comply with the Common Rule. Analyze the guidelines (rules) governing clinical trials as a path to ethical conduct. (Short form: do rules ensure ethical conduct?)

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