Immigrants And Refugees Political And Religious Risk Factors Presentation

The Presentation

Assume that your group has been asked to present a 10 – 12 minute presentation to a workgroup of city leaders, funders, stakeholders, health care and social service providers, and concerned citizens regarding a specific vulnerable population in the community. Assume that the workgroup is meeting to brainstorm/identify priority issues related to the health of their community’s citizens. Your job is to identify a population that is underserved/vulnerable/at risk in their community and help them to understand some of the causes and risk factors for vulnerability and potential consequences that may result from failure to adequately meet the health needs of this population. Research on your topic must include a minimum of 6 scholarly references. Your references must be dated within the last 5 years.

*****My part of the project

Topic is **********Immigrants and Refugees************

Body of the presentation – identify risk factors; what makes this population vulnerable, including individual, family, community, political, economic, and religious factors that contribute to making this population vulnerable;

Research on your topic must include a minimum of 3 scholarly references. You may use not use scholarly website or text books.

4 slides, no more than 5 lines per slide, 6-8 words per line. Use bullets 23 -35 points. no fonts less than 16 points. Title 40 -54 points. You must use the note section to add additional information for each slide. Arial or Helvetica font.

Include at least 1 appropriate graphics/images (CITE IT!!)

I am only responsible for the body of the pressentation.

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