Interview healthcare organization


Set up an interview with the leadership in your healthcare organization. If you do not work in a healthcare organization, identify such an organization and set up an appointment to do interviews for the assignment–you may interview via email if those are the stakeholders’ preferences.

Identify an information technology that has been implemented or is to be implemented. Identify and then interview the key stakeholders, focusing on the processes of implementing the new technology into their organization, and the difficulties in doing so. Report on the interviews and key findings at the end of Week 2 in a paper (2-3 pages), APA format.

Requirements of the paper:

  1. APA format
  2. Title Page
  3. 2-3 pages (excluding the cover sheet and reference page) typed on the subject.
  4. Reference Page: with a minimum of 3 cited references published in the last 5 years.

Note: GU SON has a badge which must be worn during all professional contacts or up entering a health care facility of any type. Health care organizations are requiring all non-employed visitors to identify themselves and their sponsoring institutions. Please add your name (first, last initial is acceptable) with your credentials, print, laminate or place in badge holder and clip to your shirt so it is always visible. Please be aware that lanyards often hang too low to be readily visible. Also be aware that while wearing this badge you represent Grantham University as a professional AND a student and are expected to conduct yourself as such. Retain the badge as many assignments throughout the program require interaction with outside organizations.

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