Issues of Immigrants Discussion Response

Please reply to the peer discussion and answer the questions she ask in the discussion. 200 words

Hi! I am a senior nursing student, back in school to get my BSN. My name is Robin Mathis. I have been a registered nurse for 11 years. I currently am employed at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. There are two basic demographic areas represented by our patients: A varied immigrant population, and lower income populations, generationally established. Our immigrant patients come from all over the world. Many nationalities, cultures, and languages are well represented in Columbus. Many families are new arrivals to the United States and Ohio: refugees, migrant workers, immigrants, physicians and resident physicians (completing their residency or starting a practice), graduate students studying abroad, etc… I find myself wondering if the transition to life in the United States is difficult. Then, to add children, sickness, and our health care system, it must be overwhelming to navigate.

I work in a Nationwide Children’s Hospital Primary Care clinic located in the community. Their 14 primary care clinics are located in areas where children’s health concerns could easily be negated. I work in a high crime, high addiction, area of the city. Social determinants of health are a big concern. Homelessness, addiction, illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking, and or incarceration might need to be addressed with families each day. I wanted to take this course to help me to think of health globally and as an aspect of care not easily obtained by some. Not as a universal thought, but individual, as each family has a unique set of needs, priorities, and beliefs about health. One parent, via translator, wanted me to flush the sickness out of her son. In another family, the patriarch would not talk to me, even with a translator. I could not document any of his concerns for the child. He actually left the clinic before seeing the physician. He felt the physician needed to talk to him immediately. The physician was busy addressing the concerns of the patient scheduled before patriarch’s appointment, he did not wish to wait. Do you feel that the health care industry, respects those with differing health beliefs?

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