Ivory trade topic

Explain your vision for your case study by providing a clear roadmap for your presentation. Your outline should include descriptions of the following topics as well as parenthetical citations that demonstrate how your sources will be used in developing your project:

  • Introduction
  • Threats to biodiversity
  • Cultural/religious and political/social issues
  • Descriptions of conservation actions
  • Discussion/conclusions

Convincingly demonstrate that your presentation will be based upon sound, high-quality research by providing a detailed, annotated bibliography. It must include:

  • At least 5-7 scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources and 2 high quality websites properly using the Conservation Biology journal guidelines
  • Each reference must be clearly labeled by source type
  • Each reference must be followed by a 1-2 paragraph description of the source’s argumentrelevance to your topicaccuracy, and quality (include a discussion of the author’s authority to speak on the topic), which is the annotation.

  • i just need 1 scholar(peer review), and one high quality website. 

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