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Topic: Juvenile Sex Offenders and Sexting (B)
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Read the following add to it using research, tying your paper in. (see attached)
Studies of adult sex offenders indicate that about half of adult offenders report their first sex offense occurred as an adolescent and often these offenses escalated in frequency and severity over time (Bischof, Stith, & Whitney, 1995; Erti & McN amara, 1997). The average juvenile sex offender may then continue to commit over 380 sexual offenses during his or her lifetime (Erti & McNamara, 1997).Wieckowski, Harsoe, Mayer, and Shortz (1998) reported that the juvenile sex offenders in their research study began committing sexual offenses between the ages of 10 and 11. By the time the adolescent was apprehended and adjudicated, an average of 69.5 sexual offenses were committed, with an average of 16.5 victims. The majority of these boys used either force, threats, or violence (Wieckowski et al.). Dr. Miller

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