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KFC organisations:
a) Using appropriate analytical frameworks, undertake an environmental and
situational analyses highlighting issues of major importance to the
b) Based on your analyses, identify and justify TWO challenges which may be
positive or negative for the organisation. Discuss the implications of these
challenges for the organisation and how they might be addressed by elements
of the marketing mix. Note, you do not need to address all elements of the
marketing mix.
Report Guidelines:
? Produce a maximum 3,000 word report. This word count excludes your title
page, executive summary, contents page, any appendices and references.
? Please use Arial 11 font, single spaced, and ensures there are 2cm margins
(top, bottom and sides).
? Ensure the report is professionally presented, well written and free of errors
(proof-read prior to submission).
? Take care to structure the report using appropriate headings.
? Ensure all elements of the set task are completed.
? Support your work with references and evidence throughout and follow the Harvard style for all referencing. in text references (citation)
A good starting point would be to consult the Mintel and
Key Note databases.
However, simple replication of data or material from the available sources will not be
enough to reach a good grade. You are expected to broaden your research using a
variety of credible sources to develop a thorough and more up-to-date
understanding. The quality of your research, application of frameworks and
subsequent critical appraisal of these challenges will determine the success of your
report. Where appropriate, you are encouraged to support your thinking with data
and evidence from your research. You will be assessed on your ability to investigate
a range of source materials and your ability to structure the presentation of your
findings. Make sure this is thoroughly researched and appropriately referenced.

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