lab report

3-4 pages lab report

attached you will find the result

here is the format

Purpose: Write one or two complete sentences that describe the objectives, or the reasons, for

completing the lab

Background Information: Present at least a paragraph of information that demonstrates your understanding of the chemistry concepts pertaining to this lab.

List of Materials: Include a list of materials needed to complete the experiment.

Procedure: If you are expected to design your own procedure, you must write the directions for the lab in a numbered list. Write them in a manner that other chemistry students would be able to follow them. If a numbered procedure is already provided, write a procedure summary in paragraph form.

Safety Considerations: List applicable safety rules to consider in this experiment. Include special handling and disposal instructions.

Data Table: Include tables with all the information that was recorded throughout the experiment. Tables should be easy to read and include appropriate headings and units.

Observations: Record the observations made during the lab.

Results: For repetitive problems, provide one sample calculation with appropriate units for each type of calculation. List the results of the calculations with units. In some cases, it may be convenient to record the results as another column on the data table. Percent error should be calculated in this section. For all calculations, the equation must be explained in words first before the numbers are used in an equation. Calculations may be hand written in ink.

Graphs: Data should be graphed with maximum use of the paper, labels on both axes with units, a title, and a best-fit line or curve through the data points. Not all activities will require a graph.

Questions: Rewrite the analysis/conclusion questions from the lab sheet and then answer each question. Answer all post lab questions.

Discussion: State the results of the experiment. Compare the results with standard values (include previously calculated percent error value from the results section) and then state whether the results were too high or too low. Suggest two sources of error related to YOUR data that would have caused these experimental results. Hypothesize why the errors occurred and what might be changed to avoid these errors.

Conclusion: Write a five to six sentences that include the following: Restate the original objectives of the lab and explain if they were achieved. Restate the results of the experiment. Describe any additional areas of study that could be done as a result of performing this lab. (i.e. If this lab were done again, what changes would be made? Are there any new questions that were raised by the results of the lab? What should you study next?)

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