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Learning Portfolio, Personal and Professional Development
2500 words learning portfolio, 500 words seminar activity sheet in appendix and 5 paper doll in appendix. Please read the additional files before start writing, all materials are in the files, including the topic, checklist, lectures slides and seminar activities. And Please read all the lectures slides and seminar activities, to think and write about the activities , what do you learn from the course. Also need to fill up the reflection sheet and paper doll for each lecture and put it in the appendix in the end of essay
in the Appendix, the reflection sheet for each lecture must be compete and need to have 5 reflection sheets in total, you can check the activities in the additional files, check out what the activities are and do the reflection sheet.
The 1st one is “Elements of effective self-management in the workplace” & Title of the activity is ” Self-assessment questionnaires”
2nd: Topic of the Lecture: Individual strategies and techniques for self-development.
Title of the activity: Diagnostic survey for motivating others.
3rd: Topic of the Lecture: Elements of effective interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
Title of the activity : Communicating supportively assessment.
4th: Topic of the Lecture: Qualities of personal leadership approaches and their impacts on others.
Title of the activity: Leadership self-assessment quiz 1
5th: Topic of the Lecture: Engaging with others in the work place.
Title of the activity: Personal and professional development module

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