Literature Review on Human Trafficking

The purpose of this assignment is to retrieve a nursing research publications based on an approved research problem. The goal is to be able to differentiate research from other types of publications, with a focus on recent qualitative and quantitative nursing research. At least one of the authors must be a nurse.


1. Submission of a Nursing Research Publications, based on Human Trafficking.

a. Published articles are RESEARCH, the article needs to have been done on one the following levels of evidence:

• Individual randomized clinical trials

• Individual cohort study

• Outcomes research

• Individual case-control study

• Expert Opinion ( The article that I attached is at this level of evidence)

b. The article is from a quality peer‐reviewed nursing journal

c. At least one of the lead authors of the article is a nurse

d. The study should be published in the past 5 years

e. Maximum of 2 quantitative study permitted

f. No meta‐analyses or comprehensive reviews are permitted

g. Copy of full article is required, not just abstract

2. Instructions Literature Review outline

a. Introduction provided that includes research question and databases used for search and concepts used for search. Major headings provided.

b. Summarize major findings of the study included under major heading

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