Manchester United: a whole new ball game”, by Bob Perry –

MBA course: Strategic Management
I. Introduction.
This case study concerns Manchester United. Manchester United’s name, the brand recognition it enjoys, and the media attention it receives, all ensure that it is firmly embedded in publics’ consciousness.
Themes of this case centre on stakeholder expectations, governance, and organizational purpose in a significantly altered organizational context.
Having given a very brief organizational background and history including the club becoming a pioneering publicly listed company, the case focuses in particular on the period from 2005 onwards and chronicles a hostile takeover. The takeover culminated in the organization being delisted and taken into private ownership.
II. Questions for Discussion.
Please discuss the following questions. Use effectively concepts, models, and theories to support your answer and provide arguments for your position.
1. How organizationally has Manchester United aligned itself to external environmental factors? Identify and critically evaluate key opportunities regarding how well placed United is to maximize them and major threats and their significance to the owners.
2. Identify and critically evaluate the key cultural characteristics of Manchester United in terms of values, beliefs, and taken-for-granted assumptions: (a) pre-1990 and (b) today? What are the implications of these changes to current and future strategies?
3. Identify, discuss, and critically evaluate various aspects of corporate governance appropriate for a football club. What changes in Manchester United governance would you like to see? Justify your answer.
Each answer has to be approximately 600 words.
Marking Scheme
Assignment Component Suggested Marks
Clear grasp of major issues posed by the question 20%
Valid arguments; appropriate supportive detail 20%
Appropriate analysis, evaluation, and synthesis 20%
Demonstrated ability to employ terms, concepts, and frames of reference from texts lectures and other course materials 20%
Proper organization and logical flow of responses 20%
Total 100%

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