Measure of Association for Syphilis Infection Case Study Paper

Analytic epidemiology is all about looking at risk factors for specific diseases. We have measures such as relative risk, odds ratio, population attributable risk etc. Select a disease that interests you and evaluate 3 to 4 primary peer-reviewed articles or meta-analyses on the disease. Report back on what the measures of association are for this disease. Do articles report different values for the same exposure? Why might this be? The post must be between 400-500 words.

This week we are exploring study designs. The textbook/ attached powerpoints has a list of limitations of various study designs. Your goal for this week is to look at the article links listed below or another relevant topic from the site. It must be a primary peer-reviewed article, no meta-analysis or review articles are acceptable. In the discussion section of the article, there should be a discussion of the limitations of this article. How do these limitations compare to the limitations presented in the textbook?

In a post that is at least 350 words, please summarize the article, the limitations, and reflect on where the authors may have missed some limitations based on the textbook readings.

The initial post must be between 350 – 500 words……

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