Measurement and Data Collection In Nursing Research Discussion

Review Grove, Gray, & Burns Chapter 10. Do not summarize the overall chapter, nor make lengthy discourses on what is in the chapter. The comments should reflect your comprehension and take-a-away from the readings (what you found interesting about the chapter) and !! also pose a question you have about your reading.

The topic of the discussion is as follows: 1. Differentiate among the four levels of measurement 2. Explain and differentiate among the data collection strategies for both qualitative and quantitative research. 3. Explain the concept of validity and reliability of a given data collection instrument

!!! Also include in the discussion: what challenges did you encounter in applying this week’s step of the research process? How did you mitigate the challenges, and What’re your plans for the next step of the research process?

Please only use this book as source ; Required book: Grove, S.K., Gray, J. R., & Burns, N. (2014). Understanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice (6th ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier. ISBN: 9781455770601

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