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media plan
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I need to write 3/4 paragraph (almost one page) about media plan, just need to work on ” Email” section about promotional mix, only one paragraph about how to do email promotion.
more requirement please see the guideline below
students are encouraged use of all media types – paying particular attention to reaching B2C marketers through B2B marketing. In order to achieve this goal, students in my MKTG 384 class at JMU MUST include the following required elements, in any order, in their proposed promotional mix strategy: website, direct mail, online video, and at least two additional forms of marcom.
The Challenge: Your client, Facebook, requests that potential “agencies” (student teams) propose an integrated marketing campaign that increases awareness and consideration of Custom Audiences among its target audience, B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing decision makers.
Your Budget: $5 million.
The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of Facebook Custom Audiences in small-medium sized B2C businesses. This campaign will highlight the retargeting tool of CA, as well as the ability to merge a company’s customer list with Facebook Advertising. The average click-through rate for display ads is 0.07%, but for retargeted ads it is 0.7% ( That statistic illustrates that retargeting is 10 times more effective than advertising alone. Increasing the Facebook Custom Audience market will be beneficial to both Facebook and the companies who use it due to CA’s proven effectiveness.
Our target market:
The size of the target audience will be over one million businesses. The segment will include a combination of small and medium-market businesses. New research from LinkedIn found that “the majority (81%) of small and medium-sized businesses are turning to social media for growth” (Mashable, 2014). Facebook will help small-medium sized companies to grow fast and create new opportunities to promote a product to a more targeted audience.
The target audience will include VP of Marketing, Director of CRM Marketing, Agency VP, and Agency Account team leaders who spend advertising budgets to reach consumers. These employees are already aware of the possibility to advertise via Facebook, but are not utilizing the custom audience feature. These are the company leaders within the 30-50 age category who find interesting content to share and spend time on social media. They have disposable income and they might have signed up but never created a campaign, or created a campaign but stopped using the platform. Main consumer needs include utilization of Facebook tools for promotion and advertisement of the product or service, increased visibility of the product in the market, and increased sales. This segment will be expanding in the future due to rapid introduction of social media in the workplace of new companies, as well as an overwhelming globalization approach. The segment accounts for 65-75% of the entire market. Facebook is seen as a potential business tool, which can reach different audiences through the suggested toolkit. Each part of the process is essential for the long-term vision of the project.
show them what they’re missing
“email ” paragraph requirement
In addition to the aforementioned promotional mix elements, plans must include at least two (and possibly more) additional promotional mix elements (e.g., email, social media, search, webinars, display advertising, print, etc.). For instance, you may want to use social media and Facebook to advertise this targeting option. You are encouraged to think out of the box and develop creative ideas that may help achieve the client’s goals (e.g., e-books, free courses, B2B events, infographics, free downloads, B2B digital marketing, and other emerging B2B trends, etc.). For example, 71% of B2B marketers indicate that email is effective in helping to achieve marketing goals. Would e-mail be a viable way to communicate your client’s offering to the proposed target market(s). Here is a helpful guide on the State of B2B Marketing in 2015 and leading content distribution channels for B2B marketers to help guide some of your decisions. Students are strongly encouraged to explore other forms of advertising (chapters 11-13), direct marketing (chapter 14), interactive/internet marketing (chapter 15), sales promotion (chapter 16), publicity/public relations (chapter 17), and personal selling (chapter 18) to determine what other tools can play a distinctive role in your plan. Your team should to develop the most CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE plan that integrates the touchpoints and helps develop awareness and consideration of CA among B2C marketing decision makers. Think about how each of your touchpoints supports another touchpoint. For example, how can email be used to support a Facebook page? How can the Facebook Ads News Twitter feed be used to drive traffic to a YouTube video?

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