medication, dose, strength, frequency –

medication, dose, strength, frequency
Format for your Case Studies should be the following:
I. Introduction:
a. Rationale for medication of choice
b. Prescription of medication(s)
II. Alternative treatment
III. Monitoring the efficacy of the medication (s)
a. Subjective Data
b. Objective Data
IV. Conclusion
Additional instructions:
1.Write out the name of the medication, dose, strength, frequency, and how many you would dispense. Please write this in a word document. Make sure that all aspects of the prescription is listed. Also include your rationale to support your answer.
2.  DO NOT include a discussion of pathophysiological process involved in the patient’s disease process.
3. Focus on the pharmacological interventions that you have chosen.
4. Provide rationale for the medication(s) you prescribed, justify your selection over alternatives.
5. As indicated above, give the alternative medication choice should the first choice fail. Name that medication and say why you would use it as an alternative agent. Be specific in the alternative plan. ( you do not need to write a prescription of the alternative treatment.
6. Describe how you would monitor the efficacy of the medication.
List the subjective and objective data that you will monitor on the patients return visit.
(5 most common and 5 most serious adverse effects, laboratory studies, etc…)
This needs to include those parameters necessary to evaluate the therapy for achievement of the desired therapeutic outcome and for detection and prevention of adverse effects.
7. Use at least 3 peer reviewed sources as a reference.

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